MAD Magazine #18

Great Britain

[Note: Christmas cover “brought forward” in Britain with contents from MAD #67, December 1961, which had a different cover]

Pgs 7 – 9: MAD’s Do-It-Yourself Magazine Covers (from MAD # 67) [Note: British prices pasted in. Among the “usual suspects” of Anglicisation (THE SUBWAY becomes THE TUBE, THE C.I.A. becomes M.I. 5 (sic), THE BRONX becomes HAMMERSMITH, a district of London. ED SULLIVAN becomes VAL PARNELL (1892-1972). Parnell was an impresario whose variety shows between 1955 and the early 1960s helped establish the new British independent TV channel, ITV, primarily as producer of ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ (1955-65). THE F. B. I. becomes THE I.T.A. (Independent Television Authority) and PARTISANS strangely become PALLADIUM CLOCK, the latter ticking round during the ‘Beat the Clock’ programme subset. IN FLATBUSH becomes IN BOOTLE, in Merseyside, North West England. GARDNER McKAY becomes VICTOR MATURE, ironically, an Italian-American film actor. LEVITTOWN becomes HARD WORK (!) RHODE ISLAND becomes BUTLINS (sic). Greenwich Village becomes A TURKISH BATH (!) THE U.S.O. becomes THE Y.M.C.A. LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE becomes FOREIGN LEGION. CONFEDERACY becomes BRITISH LEGION, the ex-Servicemen's charity. DINER’S CLUB becomes DAGENHAM GIRL PIPERS, a be-kilted troupe of female bagpipe players based in Essex (often a topic for fifties and sixties humour (along with the Luton Girls’ Choir). EDDIE HODGES becomes MR. MAGOO. A KOSHER SALAMI becomes HAYLEY MILLS (born 1946), younger daughter of late actor Sir John Mills and playwright Mary Hayley Bell, who took lead roles in Whistle Down the Wind (1961) (from the novel written by her mother), Pollyanna and the original Disney version of The Parent Trap (1961).

Pgs 10 – 13: SHOP OF THE POPS DEPARTMENT (Open Office Week, from MAD #67) Note: Department text (which is a fair one, at second glance) changed from USING THE SAME PRINCIPAL.

Pgs 22 – 24: 'If Countries Traded People Like Baseball Teams Do' (from MAD #67) becomes
'If Nations Swopped [sic] People Like Football Teams Do.

Pgs 25 – 28: YULE ! [sic] BE SORRY DEPARTMENT (A MAD Look At Christmas from MAD #68) - Department text changed from THE CLAUS THAT DEPRESSES (a play on "the Pause that Refreshes”, a Coca Cola slogan.