MAD Magazine #17

Great Britain

Note: six-fingered hand, a MAD hallmark (but misaligned on the UK version).

Pgs 8 – 10 A-TO-ZEUS DEPARTMENT (The MAD Mythology Primer from MAD # 66) - Note: “A-to-Zee” Department Text wordplay retained, even though this didn't really work in Britain at the time.

11 – 14: The Lighter Side of the Television Set (from MAD # 66) - Note: entire intro re-pasted to change “TV Guide” to “ ‘The Radio Times’ and ‘The TV Times’ “ (sic).

26 – 29 (4) ENOUGH TO FRIESE GREENE DEPARTMENT: MAD Visits Joe LeVenal (from MAD #66) - Department text changed from the American ‘B-O Plenty’ (using the US acronym for "box office"): William Friese-Greene (1855 – 1921, born William Edward Green) is credited by some as the inventor of cinematography (but the wordplay is still iffy).


Cover Variations