MAD Magazine #9

Great Britain

Page 2: LETTERS DEPARTMENT includes a letter stating that the reader is “horrified” that MAD will now appear 8 times a year in Britain: unclear whether this is from a genuine reader or – equally likely – that this is the UK publisher/editor making an announcement!

Pages 3 – 6: in the spoof of ‘Beat the Clock’,the original Drucker likenesses are of Bud Collyer (US host of Beat the Clock from 1950-61), yet the presenter is referred to as ‘Mr Foresight’ in Panel 1; although he is then referred to as ‘Bud’ in subsequent balloons.

In the news piece, “Douglas Edward” (Edward Douglas? American friends, please help!) becomes “Tom Huwas from NIT” (Huw Thomas from ITN).

Note: two Bob Clarke-drawn pieces appear back-to-back in UK MAD – not so in US parent mag.

Pgs 29 – 32: Highway Squad: 4th page/last panel: “We’ve got to call in Mike Sfortz… of the Soft Shoulder Squad” becomes “of the Footpath Squad” – which is ironic, because the character is, indeed, standing on the soft shoulder (rather than a pavement).