MAD Magazine #8

MAD Magazines from Great Britain

Series: MAD Magazine

Publishing Date: 1960

Cover Artist: J. Fred Muggs

Original cover: MAD Magazine #38 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

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Note: 'What, Me Worry' legend beneath Neuman head.

Pgs 10 – 16: FIN AND HAD-IT DEPARTMENT (for Fishing from MAD #57) is a wordplay on “Finnan Haddie”, a Scots dish based on smoked haddock.]

Inside back cover: THE STORY BEHIND THE COVER (Mainly, this story is really behind the cover) - except that it isn't! This piece was on the inside front cover in the US original!

Cover Variations

MAD Magazine #38 • USA • 1st Edition - New YorkMAD Magazine #8 • Great BritainMAD Magazine #4 • Sweden


David Climie ... Editor
J. Fred Muggs ... Cover Artist


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