MAD Magazine #10

Great Britain

The persistent idea of having a 'Special (whatever) Issue' in the UK was not so prevalent in the US (where issues were more often named for Halloween, April Showers, March Winds, etc.) and this British concept possibly followed British trends set by Radio Times and others.

Note: Price up by 6 old pence. Page count up from 33 to 37 (as numbered, i.e. counting the inside front cover as Page 1).

CONTENTS mistakenly lists the Don Martin page (37) as ‘The Good Woman in Africa’ (from an earlier US MAD of the same year.)

Pgs 3 – 6: THERE’S GOLD IN THEM THERE ILLS DEPARTMENT (If Doctors Advertised, from MAD #59) - strong (if somewhat cringe-worthy!) Department head.

Pgs 9 – 11: FAMOUS LOST WORDS - 4 pages from the US original have been reduced to 3, with King Richard III brought forward from the “lost” fourth page to replace Al Smith (1928 Democratic nominee in the US).

Pgs 12 – 16: TV’s Wonder Dog. Lizzie (TV spoof of ‘Lassie’ from MAD #59): Department text changed from the US mag’s ‘MUTT ADO ABOUT NOTHING’ to the iffy 'HOT DOG DEPARTMENT':

Pgs 17, 18: 'THE TIMES” IS OUT OF JOINT DEPARTMENT (How to get Complete Newspaper Coverage, from MAD #59) - Department text changed from the US mag’s ‘SLOP THE PRESS’. ‘The time is out of joint’ is a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet which manifests itself in movie titles and the Philip K. Dick novel, ‘Time Out of Joint’.

Note: Three Joe Orlando pieces in succession in the British issue, including 'How Publicity Works' (from MAD #56) which is wrongly credited to Bob Clarke in both US and UK..

24 – 27 (4 pages) MINE ENEMY GROWS NICER DEPARTMENT (The Two Faces of World War II 
from MAD #59) ‘Mine Enemy Grows Older’ is a 1948 book by Alexander King.


Cover Variations