MAD Magazine #5

MAD Magazines from Great Britain

Series: MAD Magazine

Publishing Date: 1960

Cover Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Original cover: MAD Magazine #54 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

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Note: ‘Humour in a Jugular Vein’ sub-heading re-introduced!

Pages 6 – 12: 'DREARY LANE DEPARTMENT' - Drury Lane was the theatre name on everyone’s lips, at least in London where ‘My Fair Lady’ was a stage musical hit.

Pgs 13 – 16: ROADS SCHOLAR DEPARTMENT: British editors have retained the Department Text from another feature, ‘Educational Billboards’, while dropping the article itself.

Pgs 19 – 21: MAUVAIS GOURMET DEPARTMENT: it is unclear where the ‘Mauvais Gourmet’ Department text comes from (literally “bad food expert”). ‘Mauvais Sujet’ (“black sheep”), a tune by Woody Shaw and others, is not close enough.

Cover Variations

MAD Magazine #54 • USA • 1st Edition - New YorkMAD Magazine #5 • Great BritainMAD Magazine #50 • Sweden


Frank Kelly Freas ... Cover Artist
David Climie ... Editor


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