MAD Magazine #6

Great Britain

Note: Subscription now costs 12/- (12 old shillings) per year, suggesting that the intended rate of publication is now 8 issues per year.

Pages 14 – 16: 'CASH IN THE THROAT DEPARTMENT' (Cigarette Geography from MAD #55): strong Departmental gag from the GB team.

Pgs 21 -30: Wrestling (from MAD #24) - another expensive 10-pager from US MAD’s first magazine issue proper: despite Jack Davis art (which is probably appropriate to the US “sport” of 1955), this bears little relation to the British television offering; for example, tag team wrestling – shown in the article – did not begin on British TV until at least 1962.

Page 31 is a single page extracted from the article 'GOOK Magazine' from MAD #45. It appears that the British team had a single page to fill and, for some reason known only to themselves, extracted one of Wallace Wood's least memorable pages from this parody of 'Look' Magazine.


Cover Variations