MAD Magazine #4

Great Britain

Note: this cover drops the ‘Humour in a Jugular Vein’ sub-heading for the first time: this legend was associated with the Kurtzman MAD, rather than the Feldstein era.

Pages 5 to 8: it is unclear why the Department head has been changed from MAD #53 to 'MURDER WILL OUT-SELL', a parody of the 1930s US film title, ‘Murder will Out’.

Pages 9 to 11: 'DO IT YOURSELF DEPT’ from MAD #24 has been changed to 'RUE IT YOURSELF DEPARTMENT. The British editors have delved back 5 years for this piece, which appeared in the first magazine-style issue of US MAD.

Pages 19 to 28: from MAD #24, 'SCIENCE DEPT’ has been changed to 'MOON, MAYBE NOT TOMORROW', a parody of the Ray Charles song, ‘Soon (Maybe Not Tomorrow)’, penned in 1935! Despite excellent Wood art, inclusion of this ten-pager from five years earlier is an expensive use of space in a 32-page mag.

The subscription ad on the inside back cover [one old shilling and six old pence] implies no discount on a GB MAD subscription at that time...


Cover Variations