Zach Weiner

Zach Weiner

Country: USA

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Contributions by Zach Weiner

MAD Magazine #474 February 2007

Department: Pen and Stink
Story: The Strip Club: Cruel and Unusual

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MAD Magazine #7 September 2008

Department: Seção Tira Tudo:
Story: Festival de Tiras: "Mentolado e Com Abas", "Vida Cruel", "Confissões na Banheira com Padre Benevides", "Estou com um Idiota", "A Máquina que Viaja pelo Tempo", "Scooby-Dor!", "As Aparências Enganam"
Writer, Artist with Vic Black, Douglas Paszkiewicz, Jason Yungbluth, Keith Knight, Rich Moyer

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