Denis Gifford

Denis Gifford
Great Britain
December 26th, 1927, Forest Hill, London, England, UK
May 18th, 2000, Sydenham, London, England, UK
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Denis Gifford (1927-2000) was not only a comic artist, but also a writer, editor, historian, etc. in books, periodicals, radio, TV and film. From the 1940s to the 60s, he drew for British comics in superhero, western, science fiction and adventure titles, as well as humour. He wrote more than fifty books on popular media and his own private collection of comics – a true ‘houseful’ – contained probably the biggest gathering of British comics material, ever.
Some of Gifford’s own strips, including Telestrip in London Evening News and Flip and Flop in Marvelman Comics, had been heavily influenced by ‘Hey, Look!' in Timely Comics (which became Marvel), written and drawn by MAD’s founder Editor in the US, Harvey Kurtzman.

Denis also provided the introduction text for the '30 Years of British MAD' special...

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