MAD Magazine #2

MAD Magazines from Great Britain

Series: MAD Magazine

Company: Thorpe & Porter (Sales) Limited

Publishing Date: 1959

Cover Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Original cover: MAD Magazine #47 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

Original price: 1/6

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Note: this was perhaps an ironic cover choice for only the second British issue, as this shows Neuman, only from the back view!

Note also that AEN's head is used twice in a subscription ad, the leftmost of which is a “mirror image”, clearly showing the legendary misalignment of Neuman’s eyes.

Pages 3 to 6 adapts Combined Television Shows (from MAD #47); however, some of the strips have been re-worded, and the “combined” elements are not always TV shows (some are commercials or simply personalities); the new drawings were by Denis Gifford, reportedly adapting likenesses from the cartoonist, Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]; the line style of DG’s caricatures does not blend well with Mort Drucker’s originals.

VICTOR SYLVESTER’S PRESS CONFERENCE includes dance-band leader Sylvester and notoriously eccentric poet Dame Edith Sitwell, journalists Charles Curran and Randolph Churchill, father of Sir Winston.]

BEAT THE WHITE SNIDE CLOCK combines the younger Bruce Forsythe with a commercial for ‘Tide’ washing powder.

TELL THE TRUTH TO DIXON, featuring Jack Warner as Dixon of Dock Green.

WHAT’S THE LINE ON MY NEWS REPORT, includes Eamonn Andrews, Robin Day and – from the panel of the British version of ‘What’s My Line’ – David Nixon, Lady Isobel Barnett and Gilbert Harding.

Cover Variations

MAD Magazine #47 • USA • 1st Edition - New YorkMAD Magazine #2 • Great Britain


Frank Kelly Freas ... Cover Artist
David Climie ... Editor
Denis Gifford ... Author


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