John Boni

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Contributions by John Boni

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #258October 1985
  • The Mad Computer Primer (Writer with Al Jaffee)
    Department: Bits and P.C.'s
MAD Magazine #332December 1994
  • How TV Networks Can Work Simpson Trial Updates Into Their Regular Programming (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Court In The Act
MAD Magazine #333January 1995
  • Pre-School Songs for the Real World (Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.)
    Department: Tyke Five
MAD Magazine #374October 1998
  • Now You Can Stop Road Rage with Fume-OFF (Writer with Monte Wolverton)
    Department: A MAD Ad Parody
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Record
MAD Especial (Record) • Brasil • Record