Carlos Avalone

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September 5th, 1954, Santos, Brasil

Carlos Rocha Avalone is a Brazilian illustrator of comic books and children's books. Acting for over thirty years, he illustrated more than a hundred magazines and books during this period. He started professionally at Start Filmes, assisting in the artwork for advertising cartoons and at this time created the children's comic book character "Severino Espoleta", which would be published three years later.

Contributions by Carlos Avalone

Miscellaneous Non-MAD Publications
Pancada #12April 1978
  • Soccer Cartoons (Writer, Artist)
Pancada #13May 1978
Pancada #24April 1979
Pancada #26June 1979
Pancada #27July 1979
Pancada #32December 1979
  • Edifício Pancada (Writer, Artist)