Billy Doherty

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Contributions by Billy Doherty

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #204January 1979
  • "New-Improved" Products that Really Are New and Improved (Writer with Al Jaffee)
  • If Someone Today Received Those Gifts on "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (Writer with Frank Jacobs)
MAD Magazine #252January 1985
  • The Mad Movie Rating System (Writer with John Ficarra)
    Department: Letters Entertain You
MAD Magazine #259December 1985
  • Some Straight Talk About Selling Cigarettes To A Hostile Public (Writer)
    Department: Smoke Gets In Your Lies
  • Back Cover: A TV Commercial We'd Like To See (Writer with Angelo Torres)
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Veechi
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Record