Renato Canini

Renato Canini
February 22nd, 1936, Paraí, Brasil
October 30th, 2013, Pellets, Brasil


Renato Vinicius Canini was an Brazilian illustrator, known for his work in several publications such as "The Quibbler", "Stinger" and CRAs the Editora Abril, where he also illustrated Disney comics and stood out drawing the character Zé Carioca, to which he attributed his personal trait and a more Brazilian identity, remarkably distancing this character from the original Disney style.

Contributions by Renato Canini

MAD Magazine • Brasil • Veechi
  • Canini Vê os Detetives (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Sherloque
  • WCs de Gente Famosa (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Seção Privada
  • Certo Dia na Selva (Artist, Writer)
  • Canini Vai às Olimpíadas de Moscou (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Pede Atleta
MAD Magazine #74August 1980
  • MAD Vê o Cipó do Tarzan (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Seção Canini
  • A Lavadeira (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Roupa Suja
  • Certo Dia na Selva (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #75September 1980
  • O Duelo (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Canini
  • Canini Vê os Bombeiros (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção É Fogo!
MAD Magazine #76October 1980
  • Cenas que não Gostaríamos de Ver (Artist, Writer)
  • Esteja à Vontade! (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Canini Part 1
  • A Velhice dos Heróis (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Seção Canini Part 2
MAD Magazine #78December 1980
  • Haja Saco, Papai Noel! (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Canini
MAD Magazine #80February 1981
  • O Magrinho Abaixo É Encantador (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #88October 1981
  • O Faixa-Preta (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Seção Canini Part 1
  • O Faixa-Preta (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Seção Canini Part 2
Miscellaneous Non-MAD Publications