Glenn Fabry

Glenn Fabry

Country: USA

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Contributions by Glenn Fabry

MAD Magazine #472 December 2006

Department: Foe is me
Story: Lesser-known comic book villians
Artist with Leonardo Olea, Terry Dodson, Mike Mignola, Humberto Ramos, Dave Stewart, John Cassaday, Laura Martin, Sam Kieth, Chris Bachalo, Kevin Nowlan

MAD Magazine #497 January 2009

Department: The MAD 20 The dumbest people, events and things of 2008!
Story: 19. Celebrity sex scandals: Adultery Swim
Artist with Jacob Lambert

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MAD Magazine #13 April 2009

Department: Segão Graphirc Novel:
Story: Comic Satire: “Atchinmen”
Artist with Desmond Devlin, Melvin Cosnowski

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