César Lobo

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Cesar Lobo (Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian designer and illustrator of comics. Born and resident in Rio de Janeiro. He illustrated dozens of covers for Editora Vecchi, magazines such as Spektro, Stories from Beyond, Nightmare, Supernatural, Byzarro (Vecchi, 70s), Mithus (Publisher Gorrion), U-Comix , men's magazines such as Playboy , Ele, Ela among others.

Contributions by César Lobo

Brasil • MAD Magazine (Veechi)
MAD Magazine #55January 1979
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Record)
MAD Magazine #8March 1985
MAD Magazine #22August 1986
  • Cover Artist
  • Quantos Erros Você Consegue Encontrar Neste Desenho? (Artist with Xandelon)
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Mythos)