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Bildschriftenverlag (BSV) is the name of a German comic publisher, which was founded in 1956 as 'Verlag Internationale Klassiker'. The publisher changed the name to 'Bildschriftenverlag' one year later.

By the late 1960s, BSV started to publish comics under the license from the US Dell publisher, as well as its successor Gold Key. From the late 1960s BSV also started to publish Marvel and DC comics in Germany.

In 1966, BSV was bought by National Periodic and later by Kinney International Service (Warner Bros.) with the goal to license their US series in Europe.

In 1971, Warner Brothers decided to distribute their publications in Europe under the label 'Williams'. In 1972, the imprint notice "IMAGE PUBLISHER (BSV) / DEPARTMENT OF WILLIAMS" appeared for the first time in its series. After Klaus Recht became the managing director in 1973, the Williams publisher separated completely from BSV in the year 1974. 

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