David Spade


David Spade

Country: USA

Born: 22nd July 1964, Birmingham, Michigan, U.S.

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Appearances of David Spade in MAD

MAD Magazine #372 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

I rarely post two panels from the same MAD parody for these birthday tributes, but I'm choosing two portions of "Just Spoof Me" as one plays up David Spade's face while the other lets the dialogue sum up his career at the time the spoof originally ran. Artist Mort Drucker and writer Josh Gordon came together for MAD's spoof of the NBC sitcom Just Shoot Me, which originally ran in MAD #372 (August '98). Writer Josh Gordon deconstructs David Spade's Just Shoot Me dilemma in the Mort Drucker-il

MAD Magazine #411 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

David Spade joins several other small-screen second-bananas for "Under-Represented and Over-Represented Groups On TV," written by Mike Snider and illustrated by Angelo Torres for MAD #411 (November '01).


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