David Howell "The Edge" Evans


David Howell "The Edge" Evans

Country: Great Britain

Born: 8th August 1961, Barking, Essex, England

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Appearances of David Howell "The Edge" Evans in MAD

MAD Magazine #294 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

The Edge, Bono and their U2 bandmates were caricatured by Rick Tulka for the portion of "MAD's Rock Quiz" that asked: "Why do you think U2's movie Rattle and Hum flopped?" (Among the potential answers: "When people heard the movie starred Bono, they feared it was Sonny, making a comeback"; and "U2 sounds so much like a Prince song title, people thought the movie was a sequel to Under The Cherry Moon.") Written by Desmond Devlin, "MAD's Rock Quiz" originally ran in MAD #294 (April '90).

MAD Magazine #513 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

Bono and The Edge collaborated on the musical soundtrack for the ill-fated Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, leading writer Desmond Devlin and artist Ty Templeton to mock them in one of my favourite MAD 20 Dumbest list items, "The Amazingly-Dangerous Spider-Play." The three-page comic-book spoof ran in MAD #513 (February '12).


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