Extra Special Cracked #9

Extra Special Cracked #9 • USA
Monster Party
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Cover is new by Bob Fingerman. There are 7 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints. First appearance of The Uggly Family. Final issue.

Comment by Tom Smith:

This was Mort Todd's first special edition, and I think, the first Cracked magazine he was totally put in charge of. For that reason alone, it would be a very special issue, but to add to the Extra Special nature, it's also the first appearance of the Uggly Family. In my opinion, this is the only essential Extra Special Cracked (although I don't have a copy of it myself any longer, lol). The new cover by Bob Fingerman is cool. It's an arguably better version of the joke on the cover of Cracked #213. I thought there were more than 7 pages of new material in this issue though (which must be the Uggly Family article). Weren't the Terror Trading Cards new to Cracked?

I think that this is the first time Cracked Monster Party was used on the cover.

New format, new cover, new bonus material. The new, improved Cracked thanks to Mort Todd! I felt, with this issue, Cracked moved into the hip side of the 1980's!