Cracked Monster Party #46

Cracked Monster Party #46 • USA
Who wants to be a Vampire!
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Cover is new by Jeff Wong. There are 11 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints. Final issue.

Comment by Tom Smith:

This is one of my favorite Cracked Monster Party covers and probably my favorite Jeff Wong cover art. I like seeing Regis and Buffy together on the cover of a humor magazine and even though the caricature doesn't look exactly like SMG, I still like it, and Regis looks quite good.

I like these later issues of Cracked Monster Party because they were more likely to parody movies and TV shows I was familiar with such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sleepy Hollow, the Scream movies, Blair Witch, Buffy etc. I can relate to those things better than the earlier horror stuff (such as all the Stephen King parodies etc).

Even though the artwork wasn't always appealing to me (only because of one artist, in my opinion), at least they were featuring things I was interested in. That being said, one of my favorites, Frank Cummings, did some really great artwork in these issues and that's another reason I love these later issues of Cracked Monster Party (and the later Cracked magazines from the '90's).

It is too bad that these later Cracked Monster Party issues started skimping out on the new material though.