Original Cover Art Painting - MAD Magazine

Original Cover Art Painting - MAD Magazine • Sweden

This is a super rare piece of foreign MAD Magazine memorabilia. Produced in 1964 for the Swedish version of MAD Magazine, this is the original cover art painting for issue #6 from 1964 of the Swedish MAD. This art shows Alfred E. Neuman making the letter "M" with his fingers, while other members of the Swedish parliament cast their vote. Some of the politicians illustrated on this cover include Tage Erlander, Gunnar Hedlund, and Bertil Ohlin, to name a few. The artist for this piece is the famous 1960's Swedish MAD Magazine cover artist and interior page illustrator, BOWEN. Over time, the cover art that BOWEN did for the Swedish MAD became so popular in Europe that several foreign MAD Magazine publishers borrowed it for their own issues. This particular piece measures approx. 12 3/4" by 14 1/2". It is watercolor and oil on art board. BOWEN original art is very difficult to find, so don't miss out on this one!



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