Tank Girl: Gold (MAD spoof cover) #2

MAD Cameos from Great Britain

Tank Girl: Gold (MAD spoof cover) #2 • Great Britain

Series: Tank Girl: Gold

Company: Titan Comics

Publishing Date: 30th November 2016

Cover: Super Sports Special Tank Girl

Cover Artist: Chris Wahl

Original price: $3.99

Pages: 32

Inserts: -

Format: Comic

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This Tank Girl cover was a dream gig and the first cover I did for Titan Comics earlier this year. I'm a big Tank Girl fan from way, way back, so I was thrilled when creator Alan Martin personally recommended me for the job. The brief was to do the cover in a MAD magazine style with Tank Girl looking like Alfred E. Neuman. A lot of fun!

Chris Wahl


Chris Wahl ... Cover Artist


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