Plaques 'The Lighter Side of...' Dave Berg (Warner Store)

MAD Merchandise from USA

Series: Postcards and Ad Flyers

Company: E.C. Publications, Inc.

Publishing Date: 1993

Original price: $9.99

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Produced in 1993 by E.C. Publications, this desk plaque was sold exclusively at the Warner Brothers Studio Stores from 1993 to 1996. This plaque reprints a panel of Dave Berg's "The Lighter Side Of.... " art from MAD Magazine, and there were three (3) different plaques produced ( Taxpayers, Smokers, and Lawyers). This desk plaque is one of several pieces of MAD Magazine memorabilia produced for sale at the W.B.S.S. , with others being a denim jacket, a sweatshirt, a metal money clip, a statue, a puzzle, a watch and cocktail napkins, just to name a few.


Dave Berg ... Artist


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