Record 'MAD Twists Rock'N'Roll'

Vinyl Cave: Mad Twists Rock n Roll from Mad Magazine
by Bob Koch

Venerable humor magazine Mad has endured for more than half a century with their unique mix of pop culture, counter-culture and political satire, recently celebrating their 500th issue. Over the years, there's also been seemingly more than 500 repackagings of all that material -- along with many often-unexpected ways of promoting the brand. There's been a board game, and the long-running series of ads for posters of mascot Alfred E. Neuman -- suitable for framing or wrapping fish. And in the late '50s, the mostly instrumental Musically Mad LP appeared on RCA, with a nifty cover painting of Alfred E.

A second LP surfaced on Big Top in 1962, more directly satirizing a subject dear to the adolescent and teen audience that loved Mad: rock 'n' roll. Mad 'Twists' Rock 'n' Roll has never been released on CD, and when the LP does turn up it's nearly always been played to death. When a copy in good condition turned up recently I couldn't resist satisfying my longtime curiosity, and re-affirming my Mad fandom.

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