The Ridiculously Expensive MAD

The Ridiculously Expensive MAD • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
October 1st, 1969
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First Printing Oct.1969

This is the rarest MAD magazine book published 1969 in the USA. Through the years only a few copies including all inserts and the dust jackets have survived. Published in 1969 by the World Publishing Company, this is a first printing of the MAD Magazine hardcover book, The Ridiculously Expensive MAD. This book could be considered a "Super-Sized Super Special", as it contains reprints from past issues of MAD Magazine. And, like the annual editions of MAD, this book also includes bonus premiums. The premiums included in this book are: MAD paperback book covers, MAD stencils, a bumper sticker, a cardboard record, a MAD Mobile, and some MAD Mischief Stickers.

The book offered the following inserts:

  • MAD Stickers
  • "Meet the Staff of MAD" - a real 33 1/3 record
  • MAD book covers
  • MAD Bumper Sticker
  • MAD Mobile
  • MAD stencils
  • Instructions manual for the 'MAD Mobile' (this manual is missing in the most copies around)


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