Käptn Hirni #23

Germany • 1st Edition - Williams

Käptn Hirni #23 • Germany • 1st Edition - Williams

Series: MAD Paperbacks

Company: Williams Verlag

Publishing Date: 1979

Original price: 3.80 DM

Pages: 164

Format: Paperback

Format: Paperback

ISBN-10: 3-8071-0091-6

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- Format: 10.6 x 18 cm

- The cover was re-drawn, but based on the US Signet copy from 1967

- The stories: "The Message" and "Captain Klutz in the case of chicken soup" are missing in this German version

- The clothing of Captain Klutz is grey in the US version, but black in the German version.


Dick DeBartolo ... Author
Don Martin ... Author, Illustrator
Herbert Feuerstein ... Editor
Phil Hahn ... Author
Jack Hanrahan ... Author


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