Meet Mr.Bomb - A Practical Guide to Nuclear Extinction

MAD Specials from Great Britain

Meet Mr.Bomb - A Practical Guide to Nuclear Extinction • Great Britain

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Specials

Company: Thorpe & Porter (Sales) Limited

Publishing Date: 1983

Original price: 50p

Pages: 30

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This is an extremely rare 1983 magazine by the publishers of Mad Magazine with contributions from Ron Letchford (editor and publisher of Mad). It was given to me personally by Ron Letchford on a visit to his home in London. I don't recall ever seeing it for sale at the time. I have certainly never seen it since.

It is a 28 page magazine of Mad style humour pretending to be an official Government publication on what to do in the event of a nuclear war. It has articles, cartoons and fake adverts. It really is hilarious. I guarantee that if you like Mad you'll love this.
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