MAD Magazine 1984 #10

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Al Jaffee don't have the monopoly on fold-in pictures. Folke Hallin and Gulan made at least one attempt too.
The header says; "What powers are working against our efforts to celebrate Christmas in an extravagance of food and drink?"
The long answer is: "Soda-pop, marzipan and other imported groceries are a part of the Christmas, as is daddy's little dram and the mulled and spiced wine that is a part of the preparations of the holiday" which is combined with a grilled and decorated pig's head (I've explained this Swedish custom before) -- that bears an uncanny resemblance to Miss Piggy from the Muppets.
The short answer is: "The National Board of Health and Welfare" and this is combined with the picture of a foaming bottle of beer called "Folköl". This is a beer with a alcohol content of 2,25 volume percent and that has a background story that is a bit too long and boring for this group. The short of the long is that it's the Welfare Board's attempt to butt in in order to make Christmas (or any other festivity) a bit healthier for all.


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