MAD Magazine 1984 #9

MAD Magazine 1984 #9 • Sweden
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Art: Anders Ferm. Break-dancing has reached the streets of Sweden and Alfred is trying to make a buck to the sound of a barrel-organ played by one Bert Karlsson.

Karlsson is a well-known (on the verge of being notorious) music producer in Sweden with his own brand; Marianne Records. He knows the swedes well enough to know what sells and has thus become pretty successful. In the 90's he even tried his hand at politics and got elected to the Swedish parliament. He ran for a political party that ranked far enough out on the right wing to create heated debates in a country where the political centre of gravity is normally found slightly to the left of the middle.

The dancing couple in the background is aerobics exercise leader Susanne "Kniiip" ( = Squeeeze) Lanefelt and dancer Lasse Kühler. Inspired by jane Fonda Lanefelt started an exercise trend in Sweden with training sessions on TV. Kühler was often seen as a dancer or choreographer in various stage productions a the time. The greaser with the boom-box is however unknown to me.