MAD Magazine 1976 #7

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Alfred has ended up at the scrap yard of "Albert & Herbert" in a cover by Torvald Sundbaum. Brits and Yanks would have their own versions of this series created by Ray Galton och Alan Simpson called "Steptoe and Son" and "Sanford and Son" respectively. In the Swedish version the role of the father, "Albert", was played by Sten-Åke Cederhök (1913 – 1990) and is the bloke standing by Alfred in the picture, while Tomas von Brömssen would be the one mainly known as the son "Herbert". All in all the series had five seasons, a special series for the festive season and a failed re-launch 1995 after the death of Cederhök. The last series was called "Herbert & Robert", came out in 5 episodes before it was cancelled and where the role of an estranged half-brother "Robert" was played by one Carl-Einar Häckner. Nothing bad about Häckner, as he is a really funny fellow, but the whole idea was a dud from the beginning.
The four-page full-colour appendix is a spoof on a Swedish TV-drama "Hem till byn" (Back to the village) by Bowen and written by Bengt Sahlberg. "Hem till byn" was the most long lived series of Swedish television and ran between 1971 and 2006, with all in all 8 seasons and 52 episodes (it wasn't aired every year).


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