MAD Magazine #157

MAD Magazine #157 • Germany • 1st Edition - Williams
1st Edition - Williams
May 1982
MAD Invaders
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3,00 DM
- The cover is a perfect copy of the US MAD #230 cover, drawn by Bob Clarke
- Ully Arndt was painting the "Alfred des Monats" from this issue. He has been the co-editor of the German MAD Magazine since several issues


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Table of Contents

MADs Almanach

Page: 2

Leserbriefe & Fragen sie Alfred & Alfred des Monats - Walter Giller

Page: 3

Telespiele aus dem echten Leben

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Page: 4

Neulich, beim Fallschirmspringen

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Page: 9

Filmparodie - FOPPEYE

Page: 10

MAD Tapeten für den besonderen Geschmack

Idea: Ivica Astalos

Page: 16

Was bedeutet MAD ?

Artist, Writer: Ivica Astalos

Page: 18

Woran man den echten Rock-Fan erkennt

Page: 20

Spion & Spion

Page: 23

MAD Report

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

Page: 24

Weise Sprüche denen man nicht trauen kann

Artist, Writer: Ivica Astalos

Page: 28

Gestern, beim Bildhauer

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Page: 31

In der Hauptrolle : Mr. President

Page: 32

MAD Gutscheine

Page: 35

Back Cover: MAD Gutscheine