MAD Magazine #3

MAD Magazines from Great Britain

Series: MAD Magazine

Publishing Date: 1960

Cover Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Original cover: MAD Magazine #41 • USA • 1st Edition - New York

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Above the MAD title logo, the actual campaign phrase from British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan in 1959 was "You've never had it so good", (although this, in turn, was believed to have been adapted from elsewhere).

Pages 7 to 9, MAD Looks at Book Clubs: the 4-page American article has been reduced to 3 pages by removal of the third original page, ‘the Really Useful Information Book Club’.

Cover Variations

MAD Magazine #41 • USA • 1st Edition - New YorkMAD Magazine #14 • Denmark • 1st Edition - WilliamsMAD Magazine #3 • Great BritainMAD Magazine #32 • Sweden


Frank Kelly Freas ... Cover Artist
David Climie ... Editor


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