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Gary Pullin

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Country: USA

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A horror fan since he could stick a tape into a VCR, “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin has grown into a monster-making machine. As Rue Morgue magazine’s original art director, the London, Ontario-born artist created the famous look of the publication, which currently hosts his art column, The Fright Gallery. In 2009, Gary was voted Artist of the Year in the Rondo Hatton Awards. Now a full time creature creator, his colourful signature style has graced numerous magazines, books and movie posters. He’s had his work featured in galleries across North America, created highly sought-after screen-prints for the likes of Mondo and Skuzzles, album covers for WaxWork and Death Waltz and created key art for various films, including Grabbers, Birth of the Living Dead, Why Horror? and The Babadook. Both Gary and his art will be seen in the upcoming documentary Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six.

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MAD Magazine #4 December 2018

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