Kerry Callen

Kerry Callen

Country: USA

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Contributions by Kerry Callen

MAD Magazine #1 April 2018

Story: Potrzebie Comics (Title and Cover)
Cover Artist
Story: It's Bring Your Sidekick to Work Day!
Writer, Artist

MAD Magazine #7 June 2019

Story: Events That Inspired
Cover Artist
Story: Shazam! Funnies
Writer, Artist

MAD Magazine #9 October 2019

Department: Defective Comics
Story: Batman Funnies
Artist, Writer

MAD Magazine #10 December 2019

Department: Insane Clown Parody
Story: Joker Funnies
Artist, Writer

MAD Magazine #11 February 2020

Department: You're Our Only Trope
Story: Star Wars Funnies
Writer, Artist
Story: 5. Mitch McConnell's Bill Killing - "Inaction Comics - The Man of Stall"
Artist with Desmond Devlin

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