Bob Eckstein

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Cartoonist and writer for many publications including New Yorker, New York Times, Playboy, SPY, Reader’s Digest, National Lampoon, Wall Street Journal and many others. Nominated Gag Cartoonist of the Year by National Cartoonists Society, 2012, 2014. Author of The History of the Snowman. Lives in New York City.

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Contributions by Bob Eckstein

MAD Magazine • USA • California
MAD Magazine #1April 2018
  • That 'Make America Great Again' Thing So Far (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Short & Briefs
  • Bowling Pin Vacation Dreams (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #8August 2019
  • "You loved Brad." (Artist)
    Department: Shorts & Briefs
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Panini