Ulisses Mattos

Ulisses Mattos

Country: Brasil

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Ulisses Mattos

MAD Magazine #32 November 2010

Department: Seção E Aí, Pegou?
Story: Personal Intelectualizer
Writer with Rômulo de Oliveira

MAD Magazine #34 January 2011

Department: Seção Piores de 2010 Part 1
Story: O Fabuloso Destino de Roger Abridehufassin
Writer with Doug Lira, Isis Carmo
Department: Seção Piores de 2010 Part 12
Story: Um Ano de Reconhecimento para Ronaldo
Writer with Priscila de Paula
Department: Seção Thor Qué Nada
Story: Movie satire: 'Mau aThor' ['Thor']
Writer with Camaleão

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