Mark Hudis

Mark Hudis

Country: USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Mark Hudis

Department: Uttered Nonsense
Story: If You Never Hear Anyone Say...
Writer with John Pound

MAD Magazine #322 October 1993

Department: Along The Decide Lines
Story: Which Is More Satisfying
Writer with Gerry Gersten

MAD Magazine #323 December 1993

Department: Determinator
Story: You Make The Call!
Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.
Department: Winners and Lucifer's
Story: Satan's Secret Pacts... Revealed!
Writer with Drew Friedman

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Super MAD #1 January 1995

Department: Seção Satis-Faça
Story: O que É Mais Agradável?
Writer with Gerry Gersten

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