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Atlantic Förlags AB

Publishing Company from Sweden

Atlantic Förlags AB

Country: Sweden

Listed: 11 items and 4 series

Last added: Don Martin #8

Atlantic Förlags AB started to publish comics in Sweden in the year 1977. Until 1984 they exclusively translated and published several Marvel comic series. 

In 1994 Atlantic Förlags AB was bought by Medströmsförlagen AB, another comic book publisher from Sweden.

In 2000 Medströms stopped publishing almost all of their comic book series. The majority of the remaining titles sold to the Egmont Serieförlaget publishing house.

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Listed Items from Atlantic Förlags AB

MAD Inbundna årgång • Sweden • 1st Edition

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Various MAD Books • Sweden

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MAD Paperbacks • Sweden • 1st Edition

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Don Martin • Sweden

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