Submit your MAD Collection Story

This is the right place to submit your MAD Magazine collection images and stories!

Every submission is welcome and will be published on the ‘MAD Magazine Collections’ page. After you’ve sent us your images and story, we’ll create a nice looking page presenting your collection. Usually we title the page after your name, like ‘The John Doe Collection’. If you want to stay anonymous, you can tell us how we should name your collection (e.g. ‘The big massive Florida MAD Collection’).

Here are some recommondations for your collection page:

  • Visitors like images more than text….don’t spare the images!
  • Images are more interesting with captions
  • Tell us why and when you start collecting MAD?
  • What is your collecting focus?
  • Your favorite items in your collection? Any obscure items you want to show the world?
  • Do you have funny stories and experiences about getting rare MAD collectibles?

One last question: Do you want to be contacted through a contact form? This could be very useful to connect with other collectors. All messages will be forwarded to your email account, but your personal email address stays anonymous. What, me worry about spam emails? ECCH!


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