Cracked Magazine

Cracked Magazine • Great Britain
Cracked British Edition was initially published by Byblos Productions Ltd. and was fully localized with adjustments to spelling and occasionally even changing the references, if the original would be too obtuse for the British market. Content would differ from the material seen under the same covers in the US editions. This version ran for ten issues before ceasing.
When Cracked began distribution in the UK again, it contained the exact same interior material as the originals, with only the cover being changed to reflect Pounds Sterling instead of US. dollars and the numbers starting again at No. 1. That version ran for at least 67 issues (the highest number I could find) and eventually gave way to simply stamping an additional UK price onto the same exact cover as the US.
At first, this renumbering seems to be confusing, but it's the easy way to tell is that the first volume cost 25p per issue and the later ones start at 40p and then steadily rise.

Involved MAD Artists

John P. Severin