Pre-MAD 'Happy Day Jackpot Seals' Punchboard

Pre-MAD 'Happy Day Jackpot Seals' Punchboard • USA

This is an authentic 1930’s / 1940’s punchboard. Features a beautiful, full color image of Alfred E. Neuman at the top, with forty-eight (48) Alfred E. Neuman “Happy Day Jackpot Seals” also on the top panel. The bottom shows ten (10) different cartoon images of Alfred as well. The bottom board shows 1000 foil punch holes, with nine (9) of them being previously punched. The original punch mechanism is also attached to bottom piece. This item is heavy, like a hardcover book, and the bottom appears to be a shallow wooden box that has been painted red. There is no manufacturer or copyright date, but I assume it’s a 1940’s (or possibly earlier) product from the Superior line of punch boards. There is a sticker on the back that has been partially removed, and all I can derive from the remains of the sticker is the punch hole amount (1000) and the game name abbreviation N.M.W. (No More Worry). It measures approx. 9 1/2” by 17”, unfolded.

A big thanks to Tim Johnson for sharing this wonderful collectible on MADtrash.

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