The LOG (MAD Styled Issue)

The LOG (MAD Styled Issue) • USA
April 1st, 1988
Navy has gone MAD
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This issue was produced entirely in the style of MAD magazine. On the cover you can see Alfred E. Neuman as a Navy officer. In the magazine you can find many cartoons where unknown artists copied Don Martin, Spy vs Spy and other MAD artists. On the last page you can even find a tribute to Al Jaffee's Fold-In.

The following is a description of the magazine directly from the publishers' website:

The LOG Magazine is an organization of Midshipmen whose goal is to publish a humorous periodical for the enjoyment of the Brigade.

It is not within our objectives to undermine the mission of the Naval Academy.

We do not condone racism, sexism, the glorification of alcohol, sexual misconduct, or mean-spirited personal attacks on individuals for the sake of comedy. The LOG Magazine is an outlet for creativity, artistic ability, and comedic talent.

We aim to boost morale, maintain a sense of humor, and give the Brigade a periodical that is truly theirs.

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