Clusterfux Comix FCBD 2023

Clusterfux Comix FCBD 2023 • USA
What me, Clusterfux?
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Limited to 300 copies, this special edition of Clusterfux Comix is a very cool tribute to MAD magazine. On more than 20 pages, the most famous MAD cartoonists are honoured by very talented comic artists, like Garett Knight, Jason Morrow, mattchee, Hannibal Gerald, Erik Rose, Stew Nod, Umberto Tonella, That Fking Guy, Amy Austin, John Taylor Jr., Anthony Aiuppy, Hank Simmons, Raymond Lowell, Tanha Comics, Adam Yeater, Alex Daikaiju, Vince Bonavoglia, Erik Jasek, Ashton Trujillo, Cameron Zavala, Drew B. Hall, and Cameron Hatheway.
Besides Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Spy vs Spy and Dave Berg "Lighter Side of Life" comics inside the issue, the cover is a wonderful copy of the famous Basil Wolverton MAD cover artwork "Beautiful Girl of the Month".
This comic was published by Cameron Hathaway for the Free Comic Bood Day 2023.

From the editor:

One of my earliest memories of reading MAD Magazine was my mother taking them away from me and hiding them around the house, claiming they were inappropriate and I was too young to be reading such filth.
My dealer, aka father, grew up reading MAD and National Lampoon and didn't see the harm in letting an impressionable young mind be introduced to the likes of Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs Spy, and the scribbles of Sergio Aragones. Little did he know I was actually destined to become a doctor, saving mil-lions of lives after I discovered the cure for cancer. Instead, after letting MAD Magazine slowly rot my brain over the past few decades, here I am editing a comic book that I'm giving away for free, costing me financially and emotionally. Maybe my mother was right after all?

While I'm not old enough to have grown up with Classic MAD, the stuff they were publishing in the 90s had me hooked for life. Over the years I would discover back issues at conventions and comic book shops, or even the big collections they put out with material from every era. . agx aq These were the acient texts that I studied from, making me one of the coolest boys at school that never got beat up or bullied. Later when I eventually graduated from college, I taped on my cap in giant letters, "WHAT, ME WORRY?" to show the world I was ready for anything!

After the tremendous success of last year's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue, I knew I had to up the ante this year, and what better way than to publish a Tribute to MAD Magazine? When I opened submissions in September, a majority of creators were ecstatic to participate, while others lost any remaining respect they had for me. I had to scroll through an overflowing inbox, carefully selecting who I felt would be the best fit for the issue. I wanted to make sure we had homages to the writers, artists, covers, back covers, and comics of MAD Magazine that shaped us, and I'm pretty proud of my "Unusual Gang of Idiots" (what I'm calling them 1 avoid WarnerMedia's lawyers).

I'd like to thank the numerous comic shops that have helped support CLUSTEIVIUX COME over the years, keeping issues stocked on the shelves and putting up with me. That's why I started the FCBD issue last year, to give them something to give away to their customers as `thank you.' I just hope that this year's issue won't cause as much spewing and vomit!

Stupidly yours,

Cameron Hatheway, Head Honcho

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