Revell Alfred E. Neuman Plastic Model - Build Version

Revell Alfred E. Neuman Plastic Model - Build Version • USA

This is a fully assembled and painted model of Alfred E. Neuman, the lunatic mascot of MAD magazine.  This is the Revell reissue of the Aurora model, from the year 2000, completed by professional plastic modeler Mark McGovern.  

The model comes with four sets of arms, along with the appropriate signage for each pose.  The arms fit into the body with a “twist lock” system that allows them to be swapped out easily.  Mr. McGovern fashioned a carrying case into which the arms and signs all fit for convenient storage. 

It was bound to happen: the plastic stanchion that supports the sign broke during packing.  Mark replaced it with an aluminum tube of the same height and diameter as the plastic part.  The replacement is much stronger (compare the last photo with all the others to see how well the metal tube matches the original kit part.)  In addition, a resin nameplate has been added to the wood display base on which the model is affixed. 

This award-winning model is about 1/5 scale and was sold on eBay in 2020.

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