Cracked Monster Party #25

Cracked Monster Party #25 • USA
We Blow Up The Stand
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Cover is new. There are 21 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints.

Comment by Tom Smith:

I'm not a fan of this cover. The mushroom cloud takes up too much room, and it just doesn't work for me. The monster is too ugly for my tastes as well and is not something I like to see on a magazine cover. I know I'm in the minority though as I've heard that many monster fans like to see ugly monsters on magazines. It's weird to see a cover which features characters from something that few are probably familiar with.

Stephen King's "The Stand" was a long TV mini-series at the time and seems like a weird choice to be cover featured. It just doesn't make for a good cover.

I was excited to read the parody to learn more about it but I found it very hard to follow, as it basically tries to cram the story of a multi-hour mini-series into a few pages. It only really works if you are familiar with "The Stand" in the first place (if it works at all). So, odd choice for a featured satire due to the length of the subject, and also because I doubt it was all that popular. On the other hand, I appreciate lesser known things being satirized instead of just the standard fare.

As I mentioned previously, horror movies were in a down period until Scream came out, so Monster Party probably had to look hard to find new movies to make fun of at this time.

This issue was difficult for me to obtain. I saw a copy at a used bookstore stuffed under a coffee machine with some other magazines but the girl working there refused to sell it to me (even though it was in terrible condition) because her boss had told her not to mess with anything stuffed under the coffee machine. I eventually ordered it online, along with the previous issue and some other hard-to-find copies of Cracked Monster Party.