Giant Cracked #2

Giant Cracked #2 • USA
The Second, Super, Laugh-Loaded Annual!!
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Cover is new. Insert is new by John Severin. The rest of the contents are reprints.

From left to right on the cover (each sign features a joke based on who the person is):

Lawrence Welk ("For Those Who Think Young")

George Murphy (probably, "Bring Back Tap Dancing") former movie song-and-dance man who was then a senator.

Dean Martin ("Conserve Water")

Maybe a politician (Teddy or Bobby Kennedy?) but the scan isn't clear enough to tell who ("Beat Harvard"). This is the one I'm most unsure of because of the blurriness.

The Mummy ("Support Medicare")

a little person ("Help the Little Man")


Tarzan ("Where Jane?")

Maybe Mandrake the Magician ("Take a Card")

a baby ("I'm Lost")

Avis commercial man being put into the driver's seat ("We Try Harder")

World War I flying ace who went after the Red Baron ("Down with the Red Baron")

Generic superhero ("Bam, Pow Zap")

A Native American ("England out of Ireland", which was a message Severin stuck in backgrounds of articles all over the magazine throughout many issues of the time). This isn't so much a joke as one of Severin's political stances. He may have used a native to hold the sign to draw a comparison between settlers invading naive soil and British Protestant soldiers invading Northern Catholic Ireland, or he might have liked the incongruity of a native holding a sign about Irish politics. He enjoyed drawing Native Americans just as he did cowboys, and people of the old west.

A generic hippie ("Keep America Beautiful")


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