Cracked Collector's Edition #82

Cracked Collector's Edition #82 • USA
April 1990
Cracked Comedy Classics
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Cover is a reprint from #16. There are 6 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints.

Comment by Mort Todd:

Just Jack! Tried to get Davis to do some new stuff for us, but he felt obligated to Mad... despite the fact that he was blackballed by Gaines in the 60s for daring to leave with Kurtzman. He had to work for Cracked and Sick and then on to Time mag and record covers and advertising, becoming a millionaire artist that he never would've been if he stayed at Mad. After that, he was deemed worthy to return to Mad. Though he wouldn't do new work for us, he referred me to the US Postal Service, who gave us permission to use his art for a stamp that we printed on the back cover.


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