Cracked #358

Cracked #358 • USA
September 2002
Summer Movie Spectacular!
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Comment by Tom Smith:

I forgot about this cover. It's not really that good. I'm not sure the joke is executed all that well, but it might just be that the joke is poor itself and would be very difficult to make a good cover out of. The caricatures are decent, I can tell who they are. It's just kind of bare.

I always find the child in the over-sized Cracked shirt to be embarrassing, as if it's suggesting that the target age for Cracked is actually that young and if not, then the child feels out of place on the cover of a humor magazine. That's the kind of thing best regulated to the letters page. The main effect is that the picture makes me think that only toddlers should be reading this, which isn't the impression you want to make on a reader.

The reference to gangsta rap further makes me embarrassed to be reading the magazine, and the title "Hurl Harbor" doesn't help matters.

Is it really that bad? Part of me thinks it isn't one of the worst. It feels like it's in more of a visual tabloid format than the others, which is something I usually enjoy, but this time, it's just not appealing to me.

Let's see if I can think of something positive. The logo is cool, and combining different movie satires in one issue is something I often enjoy. I like the dominant blue colors on the cover, that's about all the positives for me.